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Program and Research Manager

Zainab Arain

Experience & Activities

Zainab Arain serves as a Research and Program Manager at the Horizon Forum. She provides direct services to community foundations, affiliation networks, and other philanthropic entities direct services related to DEI policy, DAF management. Such services include trainings and workshops related to DEI, disinformation, and hate funding; short term analysis and due diligence of grant recipients; and long-term capacity building for the review and vetting of hate-groups.

Prior to joining the Horizon Forum, Zainab worked in the varied fields of civil rights and political economy. She has authored multiple authoritative reports on Islamophobia, hate-funding in philanthropy, and American-Muslim civil rights in the last few years, including Hijacked by Hate and Targeted. Zainab has appeared in ProPublica, HuffPost, The Congressional Quarterly, BBC Urdu, the New York Times, CNN, Voice of America, and Buzzfeed News, among others. She completed her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at the University of California Los Angeles in Communications Studies and Islamic Studies respectively.